Our aim is to develop and support effective leaders through a relentless focus on process. We believe that organizations flourish when they have the best possible processes and systems in place. We also believe that every team deserves to be led by complete leaders who care for their team as individuals. Our Diamond Process Model is rooted in proven, tried and true military leadership techniques, and we bring our military training to bear in the stressful world of civilian business. We proudly incorporate the Eagle into our company ethos because of its legacy as a symbol of patriotism, military service, and leadership.


We believe an organization functions best when its three components (Strategic Drivers, Resources and Processes) are in balance AND linked and synched with each other. We help you move your organization from chaos into order, and show you how to keep it in balance. We train your leaders to become “Complete Leaders” who fully understand the processes they lead, achieve their contracted goals, develop their people’s true potential and continually mentor. The result is an organization you are proud to lead and employees who are valued and productive.


We provide a full range of consulting services that include retrofixing your entire organization, leadership training, change management, validating strategic drivers, resource integration, linking/synching individuals with strategic drivers, process mapping/flow charting, and more.


We use battlefield-tested methods and techniques that bring balance, harmony, structure and results.
Our aim is to facilitate an environment where leaders provide clear expectations and develop their skills while guiding, leading, and directing their teams toward the highest possible achievements. Building on the core Diamond Process Model, we are able to customize our work to fit the nuanced needs of any organization.

About Mike Diamond

Major General Michael J. Diamond, US Army (retired) served a combined 35 years on active duty and in the reserves. He holds an MBA from University of Alabama-Birmingham, MS in Industrial Management from George Washington University, Master in Strategic Studies from US Army War College and BS in Finance and Accounting.

At the apex of his military career, Mike led all theater logistics forces following the initial ground campaign in Iraq in early 2003. While leading over 20,000 military and contracted members, his team planned, coordinated, and executed the first force rotation of 125,000 forces with 20,000 pieces of rolling stock while supporting combat operations. He also led the Coalition Coordination Center at US Central Command located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. There, he coordinated logistics and financial support to coalition countries allied with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While in the US Army Reserves, Mike simultaneously climbed the corporate ladder. In civilian organizations, he has served in positions ranging from first-line supervisor to Vice President and was involved in service, retail, manufacturing, IT, and telecommunications sectors. He is a certified trainer and facilitator and has trained, facilitated and led Process Improvement Teams in making changes that have yielded significant results in operational functionality.

Throughout his career, he has created, developed, improved, and changed processes resulting in more effective leadership and optimization of his organizations. He brings a range of experience in leading people and processes for organizations with 10 to over 20,000 employees, while bringing about necessary changes to optimize organizational effectiveness. He has a reputation for transforming faltering organizations into well-tuned ones and thrives on developing leaders.

About Chris Harding

Christopher R. Harding is a 23-year veteran who is currently serving as an Acquisition Program Manager at Tinker Air Force Base, OK. In 1992, he was awarded Eagle Scout by the Birmingham Area Council. He graduated the University of Alabama in 2008 with a BS in Entrepreneurship and is pursuing a Master in Administrative Leadership at Oklahoma University.

Chris has served as a Navy air traffic controller, a network administrator in the Alabama National Guard, and as an officer in the Air Force. Prior to his current assignment as a program manager, Chris led over 250 Airmen at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, working as an aircraft maintenance officer for the MQ-1B Predator program. There he had numerous deployments, including supporting flight operations at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan.