Let’s be clear!

Communication Within Your Organization Often times, in businesses and organizations, communication can be a major issue. Some leaders lack the ability to communicate their message, while others struggle with how to communicate appropriately. The ability to communicate in a professional and effective manner may come to some members of your organization more naturally than it […]

How Leaders Can Bring Balance to their Organization

One of the more important traits of a well-run organization can be unequivocally summed up with one word: balance. Here at Diamond Strategy Group, we know that true balance is vital to success and maintenance of any organization – whether it be a small start up with one employee, or a well-known industry giant. No […]

Integrity is the Cornerstone of Complete Leaders

One of the things I am asked about most is, “What sets some leaders apart from others?” We examine that in a new book we’re writing. I submit to you that Integrity is the cornerstone of the Complete Leader and what sets a Complete Leader apart from many of his/her contemporaries. This is a “foundational […]


These days, it is vital for companies to have genuine leaders in an ever changing global economy. This raises a few concerns when going through the hiring process because questions like ‘What qualities should leaders have?’ may arise. Lately, research shows that it’s more than just common traits that some of the greatest leaders have, […]

Tips For Millennial’s To Thrive In The Workplace

While every workplace is unique, each one deals with similar issues like office politics, working together as a team and more. If you are a recent college graduate and looking for ways to thrive in the workplace, we have some tips that are sure to help you succeed, no matter what industry you are working […]


Merging with another company can put a decrease on employee morale. When this happens there are the possibility of layoffs, relocation, and a lot of overall change. Employees may become a part of a different team, new location, and even a new country – all with the same expectation of making great work and overall […]