The Diamond Process
By Mike Diamond and Chris Harding

Leaders lead primarily two things: People and Processes.

The Diamond Leadership Book provides current and aspiring leaders with a balanced model for organizational control and effectiveness on a sustained continuum. The book also outlines a process for executing and implementing this model in realistic and practical situations that have been battlefield tested.

Authors MG (Ret) Mike Diamond and his son, Capt. Chris Harding, weave together 40 and 20 years, respectively, of their proven experiences and insights. In the book they outline The Diamond Process Model, a comprehensive integration framework that enables current and aspiring leaders to integrate their resources, people and equipment for optimal results. The Diamond Process Model also offers a framework for any organization to break complex tasks and interwoven relationships into clear roles and actionable pieces for optimal team performance.

Their strategic integration process offers a new “lens” to view your organization, with insights to make you a better leader in any situation, including:

  • Large organizations, especially those who are undergoing a merger, acquisition or draw-down
  • Entrepreneurial start-ups, often with strong technical talent, but without leadership experience
  • Small, family-owned business owners who are “jack-of-all-trades,” but lack formal leadership training
  • Work-at-home or stay-at-home moms who are leading the family unit

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This book from Mike & Chris, The Diamond Process, outlines 12 non-negotiable, foundational elements and 7 traits that every truly complete leader needs to succeed.

The book was published on April 17, 2017

The Diamond Process takes a number of pieces of leadership and management, some of which we ‘kind of know’ and organizes them in a logical way to help leaders gain intentionality and focus in their work. Starting with a logical ‘left brain’ approach, Mike and Chris have shared great real-life stories from their experiences to give examples for us right-brained folks. It’s a powerful book that will liberate many aspiring leaders and managers.

Lee Ellis

author of "Engage With Honor"

There are lots of books on leadership, but few that combine outstanding pedigree, highly practical ideas, and a sensibility that can help anyone become a more effective leader. The power of simplicity has never been greater.

Sydney Finkelstein

professor and best-selling author of "Superbosses"

Mike Diamond and Christopher Harding bring their professional and military experience to bear in this thoughtful and precise leadership guide. If you are looking for a thorough understanding of how to lead processes as well as people, The Diamond Process has much to offer.

Marshall Goldsmith

executive coach, business educator, and New York Times best-selling author, ranked number one leadership thinker by Thinkers50

Is leadership about people of process? Major General Mike Diamond answers that question once and for all. Few people understand how to focus on both the way he does. And The Diamond Process now makes it possible for all of us to learn how. A book for every leader!

Barry Banther

bestselling author of "A Leaders Gift - How to Earn the Right to Be Followed"