Whether it’s your weekly, bi-weekly or annual meeting, you are most likely there to review company expectations, allocate funds, goals, address issues or execute any plans moving forward. It’s important to communicate the right messages to one another so that everyone is on the same page. Believe it or not, it is also important to shine in a meeting. The goal is not to be the center of attention, but to engage in a matter that stimulates concepts. Consider these few tips to help you succeed in a meeting.

Be Confident 

Just how you would be confident in an interview, be confident during the meeting. Dress well, speak loudly and comfortably, and be confident in what you are about to say. If you are unsure of something, ask an open-ended question such as, “how can we strategize a different plan to improve our budget instead of using last month’s quota?”. Remember, you are coming together to share new ideas and beginnings.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Be prepared in the sense that you might have to present research data or speak on a new strategy. Take side notes while on the job and write down any information that stands out, such as problems that come around often and can be looked over during the meeting. You are being observed by everyone, therefore, you should be heard by everyone when it comes to talking about the nitty-gritty and things that matter. Talking about new observations can lead to better understandings and overall better job performance.

Express Your Concerns

Your presence matters in a meeting because everyone plays a vital role in the business. By stating facts followed by your opinion when it comes to talking about a certain subject, you not only express your concerns but are also insinuating a change. Following a subject with a fact lets everyone know you understand the concept. Adding your opinion after also lets everyone know you are trying to get somewhere and bring some light to the subject. Some may not be so fond of new change, but change is sometimes inevitable.

Give Positive Feedback

Time is essential and should be valued. By giving positive feedback to one another, it shows you acknowledge their abilities and gives them a desire to stay motivated and be a great asset towards the company. This also makes the meeting more invigorating.

Sharing Your Close Connections

Networking is one of the best ways to maintain growth and support on both sides of the party. Therefore, those connections you make on the job should be shared in meetings to talk about potential clients, projects or contracts. Letting your fellow employers/employees know who you are connecting to allows more conversation to work as a team and expand future possibilities.

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Published by Mike Diamond

MG (Retired) Mike Diamond is CEO and founder of Diamond Strategy Group. Diamond Strategy Group is a leadership development and consulting company. We focus on improving the quality of leadership within organizations by utilizing the same methods Mike and his consultants have used in both military and civilian sectors.

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