More often than not, your employees have knowledge, skills and/or abilities that exceed their job requirements. These hidden talents can help your business prosper. Here are five things you can do to maximize the potential of KSA’s within your organization:

  1. Try Something New
  2. Use the Skills in Other Segments of Your Organization
  3. Support Different or New LOBs
  4. Build Rapport
  5. Expand Communication

The beauty of learning about excess KSAs from employees is that it will open up a new line of communication between both parties. You may continue to find new capabilities and increase the capacity of this discovery. Managing the knowledge and staying on track is important. We recommend using The Diamond Process Model in order to relinquish the best results.

Empower your people to meet your expectations when communicating roles, responsibilities, and accountability. If you’ve struck gold on an idea, provide the manpower, time, equipment and capital needed for it to succeed.

For more information on how to use excess KSAs, please review Chapter 5 of The Diamond Process: How To Fix Your Organization And Effectively Lead People.

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