One of the more important traits of a well-run organization can be unequivocally summed up with one word: balance. Here at Diamond Strategy Group, we know that true balance is vital to success and maintenance of any organization – whether it be a small start up with one employee, or a well-known industry giant. No organization can survive without balance, and more specifically, the balance of three specific components: key drivers, resources, and processes. Let’s discuss how balance will start within the leader, and will move your organization from chaos into order.

A Balanced Leader

As leader of a company, group, or organization one must begin seeking true balance by achieving stability within themselves and in their own lives. This can start with good habits, such as caring for oneself both physically and mentally. Time spent in hobbies and leisure must be equally yoked with work and other responsibilities. God and family should be prioritized-not brushed to the side. Practicing this self-discipline will also serve as an example and standard for employees, who may be unknowingly struggling with those same aspects and who may not have a family member or mentor to guide them in these healthy life patterns.   

A leader must also balance certain aspects of their work life. Employees or subordinates of any rank or title need appropriate critique, as it is essential in the leader’s hand in their professional growth. However, the critique must be handled in an appropriate manner to be well-received. Avoid unhealthy criticism such as public shaming, discussing their weaknesses with other members of the organization with unproductive reasoning, and use of unnecessary degrading language when verbalizing your input. Lead your people by balancing private criticism with public praise. Keep an equal footing in your own expectations as compared to the reality of the capacity of individuals, groups, or the company as a whole.

Balance of Key Drivers

Balance must maintain beyond the leader and on to the business or organization itself in multiple areas, beginning with balancing key drivers. Here at Diamond Strategy Group, we believe those key drivers to be as follows: mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

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Every business, no matter the size, needs to establish and upkeep its key drivers. Key drivers allow leaders of an organization to focus resources on the processes that need them the most.

Balancing these key drivers begins with planning. Companies need specific processes in place for strategic planning, and each leader should understand his or her role in successfully conducting these planning sessions. These sessions will allow the leaders of the organization to maintain a balanced and unified focus on the key drivers, setting everyone involved and the organization on a clear path to success. Subordinates at every level will not have fair opportunity to reach their full potential without a clear understanding of the company’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. Everyone benefits when these key drivers stay at center focus.

Balance of Resources

A complete leader must have a broad and deep understanding of the resources available to them and how to put them to a balanced use for the greater good of the organization. While this may sound simple, this is a common place for fragility in leadership. Balancing resources goes far beyond knowing how much money you have and where it needs to be spent. Leaders need to make the right financial decisions, of course, but they are also tasked with discerning how other vital resources are put into action. This includes the people of the organization and the equipment on deck.

As a leader, how well do you know your employees? Are your expectations true to each person’s capabilities? Are your delegations balanced and unbiased? Tasking the appropriate people for each assignment can mean the difference between failures and successes. Superiors must take the time to get to know the capabilities of each and every one of their people and lead them in such a way those capabilities are not only utilized, but nourished for continued advancements.

The third resource a leader must be able to utilize in the organization is the equipment. There must be a well-maintained balance of the tools given with each active job assignment. This means consulting with the right people, assessing each task, and re-evaluating as needed when there are changes that may affect whether or not equipment needs are still being met.

Balance of Processes

“Process is the path that leads to results.”- Major General (Retired), Mike Diamond

No amount of people or resources promise success. From here, success is fully reliant on the leader and his/her ability to lead the processes of the organization. Whether it be within a civilian or military sector, proper implementation of the processes waits in the hands of the leader. Leaders must maintain balance through order and timing. Processes start with ample training, planning and discipline. Once these processes are ready to be executed, the progress must be closely monitored. There must be a balanced effort from the leader from the initial implementation of the process through each time the process is carried out. The leader must keep a close watch on the key drivers and the resources in order to modify each as-needed. Ample energy and efforts from the leader should also be in balance from the beginning of the process through the point in which each goal has been met, or new processes have been put in motion.

Why is balance so important?

Lack of balance within your organization can cause confusion, reduction in the quality of work ethic, loss of productivity and decreased profits. Your company will function best when its three components: key drivers, resources, and processes are all linked and synched with one another. Balance takes persistence, determination, and a drive to move forward. It is something that cannot happen in a day, but can be started any day! Remember the ultimate goal is success, and it can and will be achieved with the right people doing the right things at the right time.

How can I find balance and be a better leader?

Diamond Strategy Group uses battlefield tested methods and techniques that will bring balance, harmony, structure and results to your organization. Lead and developed by CEO Major General (Ret.) Mike Diamond, our strategies have time and time again proven to improve leadership in organizations of any size. If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, please visit us online at If you have any questions or comments about what we do, or are interested in booking Major General (Ret.) Mike Diamond for a speaking engagement please send us an e-mail at

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