It is a pretty solid fact that your employees are using social media. Whether they post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the other up and coming sites, social media is here to stay.

If you are not using it to your advantage, you are losing a great opportunity to connect with your team outside the four walls of your organization. By tweaking your current activity, you can build better relationships.

• BEGIN BY USING THE COMPANY PAGE to update information and share good news. Posting a PDF of your newsletter, telling of the new baby born to an employee, a marriage, or even of a company goal that was exceeded will bring a joyful attitude to the page.

• COMPANY FUNCTIONS are a great venue for posting photos of social interactions outside of work. These functions are a great way to build morale and team strength. Although personal relationships are not a guarantee of company success, it is true that those who enjoy each other’s company will work harder to accomplish a task together than those who don’t. You won’t need to zero in on your leadership here, but instead, simply interact. You won’t need to be a leader at a social function, although you may want to wear that hat long enough to welcome everyone.

• INVOLVEMENT IN COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER EFFORTS can be encouraged and shared. Every community has needs and they rely on those within that community to meet them. Whether it is a pancake breakfast, memorial motorcycle run, or a half-marathon, there are those within the walls of your business who are already inclined to participate. Look for opportunities to sponsor events or send teams to those functions. Forging a good relationship with the community will bring good will to the staff and create an image of generosity and social responsibility. Every event is a chance for your employees to feel pride in their association with you.

• OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES should be recognized. Use social media to build up your employees. You may find a news clipping about the activities of an employee which you can share on your page to let them see that you recognize their outside achievements and want others to notice as well. You may have an employee who achieved an educational or fitness goal, for example. You also may want to honor someone who did something great during work or helped accomplish something that benefited the company.

• YOUR POSITIVE FOCUS will be noticed. Continuous encouragement and enthusiasm are contagious, and by establishing great relationships on social media, those with whom you don’t interact every day will begin to relate to you better.
Social media is only one aspect of who we are as people. There is much more to each of us. However, the outlet that you have available should not be wasted. If you ask your associates what they know of a certain person, inevitably you will hear about a post they made on Facebook or one of the other social media channels. What do you want people to say about you?

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