Communication Within Your Organization

Often times, in businesses and organizations, communication can be a major issue. Some leaders lack the ability to communicate their message, while others struggle with how to communicate appropriately. The ability to communicate in a professional and effective manner may come to some members of your organization more naturally than it does to others, but everyone can learn! The Diamond Strategy Group understands how working together for the greater good of the organization makes everything possible. This can only be achieved when there are clear and respectful methods of communication within the company. Here are a few ways your business can work on communication:

Choosing How to Communicate

We live in a world where perhaps one of the most difficult parts of communicating is choosing the appropriate delivery method. We can connect via face-to-face conversations, text messages, emails, phone calls or video conference calls. Text messages are quick, direct, and a favorite among multitaskers and millennials. Texts are great when short answers are needed quickly or a phone call is not an option. There are instances where a face-to-face or verbal conversation needs to happen in order to relay the right message. Being able to see facial expressions or hear someone’s tone of voice can provide the right context to the conversation. In the digital age certain types of communications are seldom “secure”. If you are conveying extremely private information, be sure to use the delivery method with the lowest possible risk of privacy invasion. If working online, do not do business on public networks. Be mindful of your surroundings if you choose to hold meetings, phone calls, or video conferences in a public place. 

Communication and Respect

Mark Twain once wrote, “If I had more time, I’d write you a shorter letter.”

Respecting one another’s time and schedule is important. Sometimes there are things that need to be said at the right time and place. Communicate with other members of your organization if you need their undivided attention and if urgent, politely express the urgency in the matter. Respect individuals as you want to be respected. Do not treat others as the enemy. Many times our 3 P’s ( proficiency, performance, and profits) depend on how well we can get along and communicate with others.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Conflicts can and will happen within your company. This does not mean they cannot be resolved! When approached correctly, your employees could even learn and grow from the experience. Most conflicts need to be resolved face to face, or via video conference call. It is always a good idea when bringing a problem to the table to also bring forth a few ideas for solutions to the problem. Set aside prideful behavior and remember that you all are on the same team. Avoid being passive aggressive, instead try to be direct and professional. Do not act like the judge, but be judicious! Try to understand both sides of an issue and move to more common ground in order to find more “fertile soil” for resolution. If you are not communicating, no resolution will take place. Peace does not just “break out”. Action must take place, and that begins with communication. There are still places for the peacemakers today. Learn to be one through the way you communicate with others. Train yourself to be cautious in how you describe words, situations and feelings. Many times the conflict avoided becomes one more resolved. 

Communication and Teamwork 

When you are working as part of a team, keep in mind that every individual on your team has different strengths and weaknesses. It is important for you to not only know your teammates’, but to be able to define your own as well. This way each member of the team can learn from one another’s unique skill set and strengthen their own weaknesses. 

It is extremely important when working as a team that you do not forget to SHARE! This is a highly neglected form of communication. Sometimes we forget to include groups or individuals on an e-mail list or basic communication. Ask yourself, “Who else should receive this communication? Am I forgetting anyone?”. Accidentally omitting a person or group can hinder teamwork or shut it down completely. Always keep the team informed on what is going on and what role they are playing in the success of the company.

Social Communications

Social media is forever! In order to be professional, your personal socials need to be held to the highest of standards.  You can “tweet and delete”, but just know whatever you put on the internet never really goes away. While most try to avoid confrontation, social media does give some people a false sense of security and arrogance because they feel as if they can hide behind their computer screen. Do not post anything online that you would not stand up and say in a room full of your friends and family. Do not comment on a post anything other than what you would say in person. As discussed earlier, this is a day and age in which we must be overly cautious of what is posted online and of how we communicate with other people online. Always be respectful and treat others the way you want to be treated. 

Keeping the Right Attitude

Finally, remember to stay light hearted and keep your sense of humor. Not only will you be happier, but you will also stay more approachable, thus securing that open line of communication that is so important. Do not lose the ability to laugh at yourself and try not to take things personally. Keep as many communications as possible “light”, so everything else will not come off so serious. This will increase the levels of fun you are able to have as a team. If you and your team cannot have a healthy amount of fun at work, everything can start to seem more heavy and will eventually decrease productivity. 

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Published by Mike Diamond

MG (Retired) Mike Diamond is CEO and founder of Diamond Strategy Group. Diamond Strategy Group is a leadership development and consulting company. We focus on improving the quality of leadership within organizations by utilizing the same methods Mike and his consultants have used in both military and civilian sectors.