Recruiting, creating, and motivating a great team can be hard work at times. Many managers struggle with the “correct” way to develop a high-performance culture in their workplace. It can be extremely hard if your workplace is demotivated, which is a key issue for many businesses when cost-cutting or downsizing occurs during difficult times. Below are some key principles of building a high-performance culture that may help your coworkers gain the motivation they have been needing.

What Does Winning Look Like?

Examine your entire organization and define what winning looks like from a variety of perspectives. Whether it be your sales department, marketing, or human resources team– determine what the goal is for each one.

Preferred Culture

Be sure to set guiding principles and values in order to establish preferred behaviors. These can typically be determined by looking at your current culture and what behaviors you don’t like and what behaviors typically get rewarded.

Set Goals

Employees tend to do better when they have standards that are set for them. The more you expect from an employee, the more likely they are to achieve. Be sure not to cross the line between a good goal and a bad one. Unrealistic or unattainable goals can dampen company morale.

Help Develop a Team Mentality

When individuals in the organization understand boundaries in which they can operate, as well as the company’s goals, they are more likely to make the right choices. It helps them understand their individual role and value to the entire group.

Employee Engagement

When an employee is engaged in the workplace, they put their heart and soul into their work and take pride in the job that they do. These employees often have great energy and enthusiasm to do their best work. Engaged employees are often committed and loyal to the organization, which can lead to a long-term working relationship.


Communication is key in the workplace. Internal communication should be the top of each manager’s agenda. Employees need to receive the correct information and everyone should be on the same page. No employee should feel left in the dark on work-related situations.


Hard work and dedication deserves a celebration. Be sure to celebrate milestones that have been reached and acknowledge your people’s hard work. This is sure to boost morale and keep the momentum up.

High-performance organizations do not take their workplace culture for granted. They monitor and manage it to ensure their company remains aligned with the goals that they have set to achieve.

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