If you’re here, then you’re likely in an organization or leading an organization
where you have some doubts or questions about how things are running …

Am I right?

Do any of these items sound familiar to your organization?

  • Dysfunction – people do not know totally what/how/why they are supposed to do in their jobs
  • “Dropped balls” where things are missed for clients/customers-due dates, quality of product/service, promises, quotes, sales, opportunities
  • People are stepping on each other where it seems more than one person is doing the same thing or fighting for who is supposed to be doing a task/function
  • Productivity, Profits, Performance drop due to many of the above items
  • Leaders do not know precisely who is responsible for contributing to the success of reaching an expected goal/objective
  • The organization lacks a clear cut vision/mission statement/realistic goals
  • People seem to be waiting on someone or others to provide them with materials/supplies/parts/reports/data for them to do their job/tasks
  • People lack sufficient resources (to include training; knowledge, skills and abilities) to do their jobs at expected levels for the organization to be successful
  • The organization seems to be lacking the ‘right people’ to do the work of the organization

You are not alone. These are very common thoughts that cross many of the Senior and Executive leaders’ minds we work with.

If this sounds like you, then we can help you.

Why are we doing this?

We believe an organization functions best when its three components (Strategic Drivers, Resources and Processes) are in balance AND linked and synched with each other.

We help you move your organization from chaos into order, and show you how to keep it in balance.

We train your leaders’ to become “Complete Leaders” who fully understand the processes they lead, achieve their contracted goals, develop their people’s true potential and continually mentor.

The result is an organization you are proud to lead and employees who are valued and productive.

  • Processes
  • People
  • Resources

Our aim at Diamond Strategy Group is to facilitate an environment where leaders provide clear expectations and develop their skills, while guiding, leading, and directing their team’s toward the highest possible achievements. Building on the core Diamond Process Model, we are able to customize our work to fit the nuanced needs of any organization.” – Mike Diamond


Here’s What Others Are Saying About Diamond Strategy Group

Barry Banther

Is leadership about people or process? Major General Mike Diamond answers that question once and for all. Few people understand how to focus on both the way he does. And The Diamond Process now makes it possible for all of us to learn how. A book for every leader!

Barry Banther
Bestselling Author of "A Leaders Gift - How to Earn the Right to Be Followed"

Marshall Goldsmith

Mike Diamond and Christopher Harding bring their professional and military experience to bear in this thoughtful and precise leadership guide. If you are looking for a thorough understanding of how to lead processes as well as people, The Diamond Process has much to offer.

Marshall Goldsmith
Executive Coach, Business Educator, and New York Times Bestselling Author, ranked number one leadership thinker by Thinkers50

Sydney Finkelstein

There are lots of books on leadership, but few that combine outstanding pedigree, highly practical ideas, and a sensibility that can help anyone become a more effective leader. The power of simplicity has never been greater.

Sydney Finkelstein
Professor and Bestselling Author of "Superbosses"

Lee Ellis

The Diamond Process takes a number of pieces of leadership and management, some of which we ‘kind of know’ and organizes them in a logical way to help leaders gain intentionality and focus in their work. Starting with a logical ‘left brain’ approach, Mike and Chris have shared great real-life stories from their experiences to give examples for us right-brained folks. It’s a powerful book that will liberate many aspiring leaders and managers.

Lee Ellis
Author of "Engage With Honor"


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