At times, it can seem like feedback can be discouraging in the workplace. However, being a leader means supporting your employees, encouraging them, and providing feedback on their efforts. Without feedback, your employees won’t bloom into their best possible self or improve their efforts. They also may not feel appreciated if they are never given positive feedback. Keep reading below on a few great reasons to why feedback is important and matters to your team.

It Can Keep You Motivated
All feedback should be constructive feedback. So while you may be giving negative or positive feedback, you should do it in a constructive way that isn’t going to be taken to personally or discourage someone. The feedback given should not affect self-esteem, motivation, self-development or happiness. If you boost the self-esteem of your employees and show that you believe in them and see their hard work, you may be surprised at what they can accomplish!

Gives a Feeling of Purpose
For someone to acknowledge your work, it can show that what is being done is meaningful or that they are contributing in a useful way! People want to feel needed, appreciated, or a part of a team – so be sure to acknowledge your team and tell them how great of a job they are doing! If you need to give feedback that isn’t as positive, do it in the most constructive way possible and suggest “better” ways of doing something!

Increases Growth and Happiness
By receiving feedback, it allows you to look at situations and yourself in a different light. It may allow you to grow and open the gate to some change! The same thing happens when you give feedback. While it may require a great amount of openness to give feedback, you should do it because it could increase growth and happiness for the recipient. If you hit a point where you feel discouraged and feel that you could use some feedback, be sure to listen to their perspective!

If you are confused on how to properly give feedback, think of it more as giving guidance to those around you. Keep in mind, if you don’t have anything nice to say that you shouldn’t say anything at all. Reflect on what it is you are wanting to say to the employee, and come up with the best guidance possible in order to have a positive effect and influence on them in the long run.

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