Understanding yourself and your team is the first step in putting together a successful organization.

Hopefully, you have surrounded yourself with the brightest people you could recruit, with diverse skills, education, interests, specialties, and experiences. By now, you have watched them work together and are beginning to see the dynamics between them.

LET YOUR EMPLOYEES SHINE: Each of them will shine in different areas. They will bring talent and innovation to the table. They will make things happen. When teamed up with others, they will figure out what their contribution will be and complete the tasks.

LET GO OF THE NEED TO DO IT ALL: As the leader, you don’t have to be everything to everybody. Like your assembled group, you have your own strengths and weaknesses.

When a task needs completion, instead of automatically putting it on your own list, first assess whether any of your colleagues or workers excel in that chore. If so, it increases your efficiency to let them complete it.

If they can do a report in an hour, why would you spend three hours to do it yourself? If one excels at spreadsheets, then delegate those tasks to them. If you are brilliant at web design, then design away, but let the one who shows a real talent for media do the videos and photography. If you hate writing, but one of your team members could write for days, then let them. Your time is better spent doing the things which interest you and make the best use of your time. The same goes for the whole group.

MAKE OPTIMAL USE OF EVERYONE’S TIME: It would be silly to ask the media expert to design the website. It would be a waste of man-hours to spend your time on a spreadsheet if you don’t comprehend formulas and formatting cells. It would be inefficient to have an amazing writer trying to develop your new whatchamacallit. Instead, let them write the press releases and technical guides.

Not only will you see better use of time, but the morale in the group should remain high. When people are doing what they love and excel at, they are happier. They are more productive, more cooperative, and easier to work with in general. When they are asked to do something that they know they can accomplish, they will make a greater attempt to shine.

DO WHAT YOU ENJOY: When you are doing what you love and excel at, you, too, will shine. There is much to be said for that level of delegation. As a leader, your time is valuable. Knowing your crew and their talents will free their time and yours.

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND GROW AS A LEADER: Being a great leader is knowing when to do something and when to delegate to another person. If you find yourself afraid to let others help, then you should assess the team around you. With the correct people, you will be excited to let them help and see the end result. By bringing others into the project, you will open yourself to things you may not have even conceived or imagined.

Delegate. See where it takes you.

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