Recently, we provided an image with three claims; knowledge is power, work is process, and process knowledge is power. Since the first is an axiom, let’s focus on the other two claims.

Work is Process

No matter what you do to generate work, you use a process to get it done. You may not recognize what you do as a process which means it may be an unidentified process. You may not be very good at the task, especially if you are performing a task for the very first time which means the process may be undefined. But as you perform a task more than once, you may refine your process in order to make it better and improve the quality of your work.

Process Knowledge

Process Knowledge is an understanding of analyzed and documented processes in your work environment and how they integrate with other organizational units above, below, and beside your own. At a minimum, this includes a basic understanding of what process steps accomplish work. At the full ranged end, it would include what the processes are (process definition), how they are accomplished (flow charts & process maps), what resources are needed (human, equipment, capital), what they are used for once finalized (products), who are the workers that drive the processes (process leaders/facilitators), and the understanding of roles, responsibilities, and accountability for personnel assigned to processes.

Process knowledge emerges through analysis, understanding and learning the impact of processes on overall organizational success and will provide leaders with an unparalleled situational awareness of their total organization. It is the first step to creating a decision support system that will enable leaders to maintain positive control of their organizations.

Aside from situational awareness, other advantages of process knowledge is that it enables process improvement, adequately distributes workload, increases chemistry between workers and sub-units of an organization, and ultimately increases efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, process knowledge is also power!

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