We offer services that range from retrofixing an entire organization to leadership training for individuals or small teams.

We are a one-stop coachsulting team that can help you go from a sputtering, hit and miss symptomatic wreck to a linked and synched, well-oiled organization.

We have well-experienced professionals who have been through organizational and leadership challenges that run the gamut of small organizations to large military organizations in stressful combat situations.

Our Menu of Programs Includes:


  • As the client you get a diagnosis of what is the health of your organization. Where your weaknesses/gaps/ failures are that need corrective attention

    Organizational Assessment
  • How DSG will go about using the Diamond Process Model (DPM) to repair the weaknesses/gaps/failures in your organization

    Restructure Assessment and Planning
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses/ needs in the organization’s Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives (MVGO), your strategic plan and how DSG will help improve for success

    Key Driver Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses/ needs with the organization’s Lines of Business (LOBs) and the processes that support these LOBs. At the end of this step Key Drivers/LOBs/Processes will be linked and strategically aligned for streamlined success

    LOBs and Process Analysis
  • DSG will identify correct Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSAs) required to do the processes/sub-processes/tasks that help achieve the Key Drivers of the organization

    KSA Analysis
  • Helps leaders ‘see’ visually where/how processes have issues and enable them to repair/improve/streamline for success. The additional reward is these process maps/flow charts can become training aids for any new hires/crosstrained employees/others to better understand processes

    Process Mapping and Flow Charting
  • Determines the resources (People with associated KSAs, Equipment, Funding, Materials/Supplies, Facilities) and training that are required to accomplish the processes needed to achieve the Key Drivers of the organization

    Resource Analysis


  • After your organization’s assessment (DSG consultants/leadership experts) will provide on-site instruction to your mid-level leaders on how to lead your employees with better processes.

    Corporate Train the Trainer
  • Our Leadership Training Courses are intended for BOTH leaders within a company AND individuals expressing an interest in taking leadership courses on their own. For an organization this is a long-term Training Partnership where our success is directly linked with your success. For an individual we have crafted a course flow that will help you build upon a solid foundation to become a Complete Leader. Some of the course work is online, at your own pace and others are on-site training and continual reassessment throughout your organization’s life cycle

    Leadership Training Courses
  • Intended for the first line/supervisor level of leader/manager. This course will provide the basics of leading to include getting organized, learn how to lead processes, how to lead people and deal with people issues and build the organization to successful productivity/performance/profits. At the end of the course, leaders will be able to lead people AND processes, deal with people issues and be in ‘control’ of their organization

    Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Intended for middle managers looking to be better qualified to move up to senior management or are at senior management looking to improve their executive leading skills.

    Executive Leadership
  • Even though one may not be a positional leader, they will learn how to influence within their organizations and earn respect and esteem of their team members by their exemplifying example

    Influential Leadership
  • Using the Diamond Process Model, you will learn how to have each and every team member know their role/responsibility, what is expected of them, what their processes are and how they mesh in with other team members. Once understanding the organizational structure around them, they will be inspired and motivated to be part of a team of excellence.

    Team Building
  • You will learn to develop and how to use a process-oriented method of making decisions from those that are part of your daily routine to the most critical.

    Strategic Planning
  • You will learn how to use the Diamond Process Model (DPM) to manage any project to success.

    Project Management
  • You will learn the importance of and how to delegate. Trust your team, but verify they are completing the work on time and keeping to the standards of excellence.

  • You will learn how to set deadlines and keep your team’s schedule on track in order to achieve organizational success.

    Time Management

Speaking Engagements

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Conference Speaking
  • Other Speaking Opportunities


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  • Leadership