You may have heard the phrase ‘Lead by example’ or that ‘Character is defined as what you do when no one else is looking.’ How about when the entire team is looking at you to drive results? Don’t worry, this isn’t meant to be stressful, but rather motivating – motivating you to be a process-driven leader.

What Is A Process Leader?
Someone who creates conditions for other people to succeed by guiding, supporting, and leading by example through a set of tactics that can be utilized at any level.

How Can You Be Driven By Processes?
First, make sure they’re in place! Take a week to monitor how you spend your time. What time saving, cost saving methods might be a part of your daily regimen? Notate how you can teach your team the same methods. There are many quality and process methods you can learn from, such as LEAN or SIX SIGMA. Initially, just take the time to note what you do well. Next, start to observe what you could do better and find an expert in that field to nail down their processes to share with the team. Think how great it would be to have a subject matter expert in all areas of your business!

Important Notes on Process Management:
● It can be uncomfortable to look at what you do well and what you don’t do well. When you’re managing your time, be sure to relay that to your staff as they start to examine how they spend workday.
● Try to speak from example, not preach.
● Always repeat what you heard someone say to you to make sure you’re understanding them correctly. “I think what I heard you say is X” can help you in your leadership journey.

Tips for Leadership in Meetings and Beyond:
● Communicate all-important information ahead of time, especially before a meeting. Meetings with no agendas are doomed to fail. Aim for 24 hours in advance to disseminate important information.
● Allow the first few minutes of a meeting for banter, then get to business.
● Stick to your agenda and time table throughout the day. If people tend to get off topic, stick to the general rule of a few minutes of banter, then back to focus.
● Be firm about your timing. Although we noted a few minutes is natural in flexibility, as the old adage says ‘Time is money.’

Good luck in your leadership endeavors in 2018!

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