When middle management is not given the opportunity to succeed, the effects can trickle down into various levels of employees – leaving one department looking bad, senior management!

Focusing your attention on these managers will yield positive results and make your company highly effective.

For the best way to lead your middle management, follow these four ideas:

Remember How You Felt in that Position

Sometimes middle managers can feel lost, or unsure of how well of a job they’re doing. Were there times you wish you had more help with when you were in middle management? Think back to the people who helped you when you were starting in management. Utilize the lessons you learned to be a mentor to your middle management staff.

Develop Inclusive Training

Managers with the tools to succeed perform much better than those without. Middle managers are usually the last to be trained, which makes them the most ineffective leaders. Work with a talented team of professionals, perhaps internally, to see which areas you can provide training on for your staff. If sales is a focus for your team, you should bring a sales professional in – if you want to work on employee reviews, perhaps that’s an time you can work with your team one on one.

Provide Feedback

As you work to train your staff set up monthly, or bi-weekly meetings to assess how the training is impacting their day to day roles. These non-negotiable meetings will allow you to help your staff with any roadblocks their encountering, and help them advance to the next level. This dedicated training time will help your middle management feel valued and valued employees tend to perform better.

Be a Good Role Model

Practice what you preach! Utilize personal tips from your current and passed leadership positions to help middle managers. If you want your middle management to rise to the next level, be sure you’re operating there too. Holding yourself and your managers to a high stand will help you advance the company.

MG (Retired) Mike Diamond is CEO and founder of Diamond Strategy Group. Diamond Strategy Group is a leadership development and consulting company. We focus on improving the quality of leadership within organizations by utilizing the same methods Mike and his consultants have used in both military and civilian sectors. We invite you to stay connected! Visit us online at www.DiamondStrategyGroup.com and connect with Mike at Diamond Strategy Group on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter! E-mail us at info@diamondstrategygroup.com!

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